BREITLING Avenger hurricane watches

BREITLING Avenger hurricane watches1
In 2016 Basel table show released Avengers hurricane watch (Avenger hurricane), 50 mm large table has a diameter, side provided with reinforced door structure, the appearance of black the Breitling symbol of yellow tone and aviation molded digital object against the background of the more significant fresh cool. It is worth mentioning that the Breitling innovative material Breitlight independent research and development of manufacturing is first applied to the case?. This exclusive high-tech materials than titanium light 3.3 times and 5.8 times lighter than steel, but with a more solid, and have many advantages: to scratching, tensile deformation, corrosion of strong resistance, anti magnetic, thermal stability, anti allergic, also have warmer than the metal touch, and showing a mottled visual effect.

BREITLING Avenger hurricane watches2
Avenger hurricane watch equipped with new Breitling homemade B12 automatic winding chronograph movement, equipped with in the military and aerospace fields commonly used 24 hours of display function, the Swiss official Observatory certification (COSC). Clearly readable dial with the double-sided anti dazzle processing of thick sapphire table mirror and a pointer to a luminous coating, digital time scale. The anti slip control device of the watch and timing button ensures that when the gloves are worn, the control device can be controlled freely. And originally special watch. In the core part of the yellow high quality rubber, outer surface is used super durable black military protection fiber fabric, provides outstanding wearing comfort.

BREITLING Avenger hurricane watches
[technical parameter]
Movement: Breitling homemade B12 movement, the Swiss official Observatory certification (COSC), automatic winding, 28800 times per hour high oscillating frequency; 47 jewel bearing; dynamic storage more than 70 hours; timing accuracy up to 1 / 4 seconds, with 30 minutes and 12 hours cumulative timer; calendar display.
Case: Breitlight? Case, waterproof performance of 100 meters (330 feet); screwing in the crown; the unidirectional ratchet wheel rotary table circle; arc sapphire table mirror, double side anti dazzle processing; diameter: 50 mm.
Dial: volcanic black.
Watch strap / Bracelet: Military protection rubber watchband.

ENZO VAVA Rings series


In addition to jewelry noble and beautiful to be young and trendy. From Brazil multicolored light master ENZO’s latest luxury jewelry VAVA series, a series of mix and match and wear stacked explore personality with fun. VAVA series forty variety of rings can be free to mix and combination, to create a unique personal style of each person: the same color stacked wear, hit color collocation, as popular joint ring, tail ring wear, or like cool cool fashion icon as will ring full ten fingers. Mashups and stacking, is a timeless trend is also present with a preferred fashionable person.
VAVA not only bring personalized fashion multicolored fashion, but also to record important moments of their own. A desire An emotion, a memory, an emotional life in every moment, sweet or sentimental, touching or intoxicated, as if all the jewel-like color emit light of different chromatography. VAVA series will enrich their affections in precious stones among the series of jewelry each section contains both a unique emotional passphrase. Series is subdivided into Family & Friends, Love, Wish, Luck and Moments several families, representing the most important person in life, the most wonderful feeling, as well as the most touching moment.
VAVA series all using high quality natural stones intention to create, including the excellent quality rubies, sapphires, rose garnet, topaz, olivine, diopside, amethyst, topaz and diamonds, but friendly price letting VAVA Among the many jewelry brands stand out, to meet more young people yearning for jewelry. ENZO’s VAVA series can be either expression of love for the beloved TA confession own voice; but also as a gift to yourself, to your own little pet. Many touching moments in life, and the love and VAVA worth are stored permanently.
Each single gemstone design rings Family & Friends family represents a life that appear important figures: single gem love, family, girlfriends, friends … heart-shaped, round, oval, square princess cut fine inlay above 18K gold setting, simple and generous, but also can be worn alone stacked wear.
Love family places gorgeous colored gemstones and diamonds sparkling white combination arrangement, clever gem color reproduction fingers. Write a love different styles in different chapters: sweet, romantic, heart, like you … Love My Sweetie, can be used to convey a ring.
Wish family are all small selection of superior quality diamonds, delicate mosaic of excellence, the combination of each diamond sparkling light show pure longing for love: for life, accompanied by the old, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, and found true love …
Luck Lucky family jewelry will be lucky with the magnetic field transmitted from the fingertips, wrists, collar, earlobe to heart, let love, career, health, and good luck in the lucky ones who wear it, the better to meet with you future.
Moments family by various precious stones inlaid bracelet or necklace composed of different colors, different shapes, different types of colored gemstones strung together, you have an instant record love evocative: the first peek into the encounter first shy sweet date, first hand touching romantic trip, traveled together the anniversary.

Van Cleef & Arpels Butterfly Necklace

Splendour lightly, Van Cleef & Arpels in the spring as a source of inspiration to offer a thriving season Que hymn, filled with poetic elegance of jewelry that celebrates the arrival of spring the world’s natural landscape. Kasuga perfect interpretation of the concept of time new chant, always with fresh vigor, and other vigorous youth, Changes and meaning of creativity equate spring, naturally become the brand one of the favorite topics. Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry capture the exuberant vitality and lovely nature, magnificent jewelry to draw the colorful bouquet, bright Tuyan peony and rose, butterfly wings and dexterity.
Poetically graceful, charming butterfly. Butterfly art jewelry has become a source of inspiration, jitter extraordinary imagine the gentle spring breeze. Butterfly Qianli shadow sometimes docked on the precious watch; sometimes reflected in the vote in the brooch to Van Cleef & Arpels cherished tradition – graceful, elegant and magnificent, let the world breathtaking, revel in its dance. (Link:
To be loyal to the principles of design, Van Cleef & Arpels show elegant excellence through extreme craftsmanship, superior material utilization carved a lifelike facial jewelry. Brand works carefully pondering by the skilled craftsmen, precious metals and stones to show the process of SSIM ingenuity. Stylized way to interpret the natural beauty of jewelry, just like the passage of time Ningzhu: butterfly wings of the moment, was hidden mosaic ™ technology or Cosmos ™ series show meticulous arcs and bright petals, condensed into a timeless beauty.

Yakedeluo Onyx mother-of-Pearl sky needle plate series

In the spring warm tenderness May usher in the most beautiful Festival in the worldmother’s day. Mother’s day is a Festival of thanks MOM, originated in ancient Greece. On January 8, the day in ancient Greece to the Greece pay tribute to Rhea, themother of the gods. By the middle of 17th century, mother’s day spread to the United Kingdom, the British fourth Sunday of lent as a mother’s day. On this day, away from young people will return home, take some small gifts for their mother, to thankher mother‘s upbringing of TU, and the modern mother’s day has its origins in United States, scheduled for the second Sunday of May each year.
Moving emotion in the world many kinds, then everlasting love is most worthy of praise. No matter how many years of changes and the baptism, a mother’s glory is stillcirculated by audio physic. Watches and the intoxicating charm of the invisible shadow between the years of dustfree rest, embracing warmth hold, like the meaning ofmother to child, dissolved in the blood of love will not light in and out at any time. Jaquet Droz yakedeluo bright youth pays homage to the elegant gift to his mother, soThanksgiving you warm and graceful through the heart into the wrist gauge, recordloving mother lives every moment in good time.
Tender dreams: elegant and charming flowers in bloom dial arbitrary
Yakedeluo Onyx mother-of-Pearl sky needle plate series
Send MOM a bouquet of flowers on mother’s day, is when children can best and most eager to express gratitude to the mother, time stream, but tender tenderness precipitation. In this special holiday, yakedeluo vowed eternal symbol of gratitude to thewrist, casting yakedeluo Onyx mother-of-Pearl sky needle plate (Petite Heure MinuteThousand Year Lights), gift with every great mother.
Yakedeluo artisan Masters using an ancient Asian techniques, designed a gorgeous is enchanting at the small dial. Colorful flowers in bloom on the dial Qi Jing lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-Pearl (Najeon Chilgi) technology to draw inspiration. Wrist flowers gorgeous scenery. Under the skills of the craftsmen workmanship, thesefree flower negligence fleeting beauty is frozen into permanent picture. Rich soft colors in the ornament with a bright red color, slender leaves sparkle with dazzling silver, numerous details of neat but exquisite mother of Pearl cut process can create such wonders.
This watch to create a dreamlike flowers beauty, flower wrist willfully bloom, the dream as a child to the mother‘s warmth.
Will love the warmth in your arms, warm sweet yakedeluo mother’s day gift
Onyx Pearl oysters when small needle plate
18K red gold dial with black paint and handcarved and painted white mother of Pearl. 18K red gold stereo set rings, Onyx dial.
Case: 18K red gold case set with 232 diamonds, total 1.22 carats.
Movement: automatic mechanical movement.
About 68 hours power reserve.
Diameter: 35 mm.
Limited edition of 28.波尔手表


34th president of the United States Eisenhower Rolex Datejust

Rolex Datejust watches

In September, the 34th US president Dwight D Eisenhower has had 一枚 Rolex Datejust upcoming Boston RR Auction auction debut, because of their special historical significance caused no small concern.
While Rolex Datejust produced in 1951, it was the first to get certified chronometer 150,000 Rolex watch as a gift has been given to President Eisenhower. While Eisenhower apparently liked table, two terms are often worn While this table, even wearing it on board “LIFE” magazine cover July 21, 1952 of.
Rolex Datejust at that time already very mature model (Ref.6305), 18K gold case, the table diameter 36mm, equipped with 79,667 movements. This one’s bottom cover engraved Eisenhower initials “DDE” Admiral flag and he was appointed time, “NATO’s top military commander” of “12-19-1950.”
Eisenhower died in 1969, While this table is presented to his private orderly John Moaney, the latter’s wife Delores also Eisenhower chef. John Moaney after the death of his wife While this table will be transferred to an American collector of historical relics Raleigh DeGeer Amyx, the auction is Amyx collection.
Official auction will begin at September 11, is expected transaction price has reached more than $ 1 million.

2015 Bvlgari Diagono Scuba Watches

Bvlgari Diagono Scuba Watches

Bulgari has just announced four new work Diagono Scuba diving watch, still continues this series of iconic groove bezel design, the text of the dial, bezel scale simplified. New work slimmer bezel than the original, still reached 300 meters water depth, this series is also equipped with Bulgari first self-movement BVL 191.
Diagono Scuba watch the first one released in 1994, the unique grooves bezel from Roman architecture in the shape of a circular column and arches. Semi-circular arc groove design elegant functional requirements to meet the dive tables, retaining sporty but also for wear at formal occasions.
There are stainless steel case of 41mm, rose gold options, dial the same launch a black, white version, using simple three-pin layout, 3:00 position with small calendar window. To echo groove design bezel, this watch’s time scale, second hand decorative circular dot shape, especially covered with luminous coating, deep in the dark environment still can ensure a clear reading.
BVL 191 Solotempo equipped self-winding movement, vibration frequency 28800vph, power reserve 42 hours, specifications and this series is similar to the original use of the ETA movement. The new movement is specially equipped with a stop seconds function, to avoid wear and tear caused when adjusted for gear.
While this watch The materials were introduced four different versions to choose from – stainless steel case with black dial, steel bracelet version of the official price of 6200 euros, rubber strap version is € 5,700; color case with white dial and color chain belt, the official price of 9950 euros; the rose gold case with rubber strap, the official price of 21,000 euros.

Omega Seamaster Bullhead Rio 2016 Watches

Seamaster Bullhead Rio 2016

Omega has just officially launched the first one in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro Olympic-themed watches ── “Seamaster Bullhead Rio 2016″ to form the basis of the classic bull, adopt a more sporty blue color, limited edition 316.
We at Baselworld in March this year has already seen While this new table, in addition to the unique shape of the table itself Tau, the most notable than ingenuity ── colors with gold on the whole table to represent the “movement” of blue color tones, careful observation will find, within the bezel Arabic numerals on the scale sequentially using yellow, green, red, black four colors, with blue colored Olympic rings together constitute.
Tau table design itself can be traced back to 1969, in addition to the time button and crown at 12 o’clock case, the most special is through inner knob digits 6:00 bezel, so racers can start by setting a completion target time race lap, and then begin timing of each turn.

Co Axial Calibre 3113
Omega introduced in 2013 a new Seamaster Bullhead, the case size enlarged to 43mm, movement is also changed to Co-Axial Calibre 3113, has 52 hours power reserve, while Tau While the Olympic table in the technical specifications and 2013 edition complete the same is also no accident engraved case back Olympic rings logo.
The band also uses yellow-red and black serif four different colors, the details are very commendable intentions.
Tau Omega chronograph watch list itself is the most visibility of design, but also is the series first appeared in the Olympic-themed limited edition, will be subject to the pursuit of a lot of fans.
The official price of $ 9,900, limited edition 316.

Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Regatta Release Watches

Maurice Lacroix Watches

Maurice Lacroix has just launched a very special chronograph – “Pontos S Regatta” forged carbon case and has designed specifically for sailing “down a few minutes timing function.”
While most special thing about the new table is 12 o’clock “down a few minutes drive time.” – 2:00 chronograph button is pressed, the disc minutes from 10 minutes countdown begins, “Ready” to “6” minutes for the blue white, “5” minutes to “0” minutes are red and white, by striking colors to indicate different countdown stage.
Using a 45mm forged carbon case, dial and sandblasted to a matte texture echoes the case. Forged Carbon is carbon fiber forged at high temperature and pressure molding, retained the unique texture of carbon fiber, a lightweight and tough material, first used in the aerospace industry.
Equipped ML162 self-winding movement, the movement to Sellita basis, increase Dubois-Dépraz 2028 sailing / rowing timing module, the traverse 28800vph, power reserve 38 hours.
Official price of 7000 euros, limited 125.

Rolex Day-Date Watches

Yacht Master

Rolex is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of this year is equipped with Caliber new Day-Date 3255, and most especially the ever – Oysterflex rubber strap Yacht-Master; women’s table aspect, DateJust Pearlmaster 39mm using a rainbow gradient Fancy Color sapphire inlaid table circle, very compelling.
“Weeks” and “Date” has been the most useful calendar display, the daily nine to five office workers, “week” is often the most important –Day-Date is the first one to provide a full spelling “week” display the Rolex watch, so from 1956 onwards introduced much-loved, Rolex even offers 26 kinds of different languages to render “week” of information.
The biggest improvement this year is equipped with the new Caliber 3255 movement, the new movement to achieve accuracy ± 2 seconds, and far higher than ± 5  COSC certification standards. Power storage time extended from 42 hours to 70 hours, according to the official description of Rolex, the watch Friday off to go home, to go to work Monday morning, still wearing when walking and sometimes without adjusting.

Caliber 3255


Breitling Chronoliner dual time zone chronograph

Breitling Watches

Breitling has just introduced a new Basel standard preheat section ── “Chronoliner”, the biggest feature is the chronograph, based on the addition of a 24-hour second time zone function.

Chronoliner Watches


Black dial with white hour markers and scale, 12 is 30 minutes drive time, 6:00 drive time is 12 hours, 9:00 small second hand. Coaxially around the needle pointer with a second time zone, the end of the red arrow, pointing to the inner race of the 24-hour scale ── This 24-hour dual time zone scale pilot is already standard on the table, you can most quickly understand the current day and night time.

ETA Movement

After carrying COSC certified ETA movement, wobble 28800vph, power storage 42 hours.
46mm stainless steel case with ceramic bezel, optional steel chain or traditional steel, style is very tough, of course, weight and feel of a table. Breitling has good skill in the waterproof case, While waterproof to 100 meters, enough to meet the daily needs of all.