Van Cleef & Arpels Butterfly Necklace

Splendour lightly, Van Cleef & Arpels in the spring as a source of inspiration to offer a thriving season Que hymn, filled with poetic elegance of jewelry that celebrates the arrival of spring the world’s natural landscape. Kasuga perfect interpretation of the concept of time new chant, always with fresh vigor, and other vigorous youth, Changes and meaning of creativity equate spring, naturally become the brand one of the favorite topics. Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry capture the exuberant vitality and lovely nature, magnificent jewelry to draw the colorful bouquet, bright Tuyan peony and rose, butterfly wings and dexterity.
Poetically graceful, charming butterfly. Butterfly art jewelry has become a source of inspiration, jitter extraordinary imagine the gentle spring breeze. Butterfly Qianli shadow sometimes docked on the precious watch; sometimes reflected in the vote in the brooch to Van Cleef & Arpels cherished tradition – graceful, elegant and magnificent, let the world breathtaking, revel in its dance. (Link:
To be loyal to the principles of design, Van Cleef & Arpels show elegant excellence through extreme craftsmanship, superior material utilization carved a lifelike facial jewelry. Brand works carefully pondering by the skilled craftsmen, precious metals and stones to show the process of SSIM ingenuity. Stylized way to interpret the natural beauty of jewelry, just like the passage of time Ningzhu: butterfly wings of the moment, was hidden mosaic ™ technology or Cosmos ™ series show meticulous arcs and bright petals, condensed into a timeless beauty.

Yakedeluo Onyx mother-of-Pearl sky needle plate series

In the spring warm tenderness May usher in the most beautiful Festival in the worldmother’s day. Mother’s day is a Festival of thanks MOM, originated in ancient Greece. On January 8, the day in ancient Greece to the Greece pay tribute to Rhea, themother of the gods. By the middle of 17th century, mother’s day spread to the United Kingdom, the British fourth Sunday of lent as a mother’s day. On this day, away from young people will return home, take some small gifts for their mother, to thankher mother‘s upbringing of TU, and the modern mother’s day has its origins in United States, scheduled for the second Sunday of May each year.
Moving emotion in the world many kinds, then everlasting love is most worthy of praise. No matter how many years of changes and the baptism, a mother’s glory is stillcirculated by audio physic. Watches and the intoxicating charm of the invisible shadow between the years of dustfree rest, embracing warmth hold, like the meaning ofmother to child, dissolved in the blood of love will not light in and out at any time. Jaquet Droz yakedeluo bright youth pays homage to the elegant gift to his mother, soThanksgiving you warm and graceful through the heart into the wrist gauge, recordloving mother lives every moment in good time.
Tender dreams: elegant and charming flowers in bloom dial arbitrary
Yakedeluo Onyx mother-of-Pearl sky needle plate series
Send MOM a bouquet of flowers on mother’s day, is when children can best and most eager to express gratitude to the mother, time stream, but tender tenderness precipitation. In this special holiday, yakedeluo vowed eternal symbol of gratitude to thewrist, casting yakedeluo Onyx mother-of-Pearl sky needle plate (Petite Heure MinuteThousand Year Lights), gift with every great mother.
Yakedeluo artisan Masters using an ancient Asian techniques, designed a gorgeous is enchanting at the small dial. Colorful flowers in bloom on the dial Qi Jing lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-Pearl (Najeon Chilgi) technology to draw inspiration. Wrist flowers gorgeous scenery. Under the skills of the craftsmen workmanship, thesefree flower negligence fleeting beauty is frozen into permanent picture. Rich soft colors in the ornament with a bright red color, slender leaves sparkle with dazzling silver, numerous details of neat but exquisite mother of Pearl cut process can create such wonders.
This watch to create a dreamlike flowers beauty, flower wrist willfully bloom, the dream as a child to the mother‘s warmth.
Will love the warmth in your arms, warm sweet yakedeluo mother’s day gift
Onyx Pearl oysters when small needle plate
18K red gold dial with black paint and handcarved and painted white mother of Pearl. 18K red gold stereo set rings, Onyx dial.
Case: 18K red gold case set with 232 diamonds, total 1.22 carats.
Movement: automatic mechanical movement.
About 68 hours power reserve.
Diameter: 35 mm.
Limited edition of 28.波尔手表