ENZO VAVA Rings series


In addition to jewelry noble and beautiful to be young and trendy. From Brazil multicolored light master ENZO’s latest luxury jewelry VAVA series, a series of mix and match and wear stacked explore personality with fun. VAVA series forty variety of rings can be free to mix and combination, to create a unique personal style of each person: the same color stacked wear, hit color collocation, as popular joint ring, tail ring wear, or like cool cool fashion icon as will ring full ten fingers. Mashups and stacking, is a timeless trend is also present with a preferred fashionable person.
VAVA not only bring personalized fashion multicolored fashion, but also to record important moments of their own. A desire An emotion, a memory, an emotional life in every moment, sweet or sentimental, touching or intoxicated, as if all the jewel-like color emit light of different chromatography. VAVA series will enrich their affections in precious stones among the series of jewelry each section contains both a unique emotional passphrase. Series is subdivided into Family & Friends, Love, Wish, Luck and Moments several families, representing the most important person in life, the most wonderful feeling, as well as the most touching moment.
VAVA series all using high quality natural stones intention to create, including the excellent quality rubies, sapphires, rose garnet, topaz, olivine, diopside, amethyst, topaz and diamonds, but friendly price letting VAVA Among the many jewelry brands stand out, to meet more young people yearning for jewelry. ENZO’s VAVA series can be either expression of love for the beloved TA confession own voice; but also as a gift to yourself, to your own little pet. Many touching moments in life, and the love and VAVA worth are stored permanently.
Each single gemstone design rings Family & Friends family represents a life that appear important figures: single gem love, family, girlfriends, friends … heart-shaped, round, oval, square princess cut fine inlay above 18K gold setting, simple and generous, but also can be worn alone stacked wear.
Love family places gorgeous colored gemstones and diamonds sparkling white combination arrangement, clever gem color reproduction fingers. Write a love different styles in different chapters: sweet, romantic, heart, like you … Love My Sweetie, can be used to convey a ring.
Wish family are all small selection of superior quality diamonds, delicate mosaic of excellence, the combination of each diamond sparkling light show pure longing for love: for life, accompanied by the old, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, and found true love …
Luck Lucky family jewelry will be lucky with the magnetic field transmitted from the fingertips, wrists, collar, earlobe to heart, let love, career, health, and good luck in the lucky ones who wear it, the better to meet with you future.
Moments family by various precious stones inlaid bracelet or necklace composed of different colors, different shapes, different types of colored gemstones strung together, you have an instant record love evocative: the first peek into the encounter first shy sweet date, first hand touching romantic trip, traveled together the anniversary.