34th president of the United States Eisenhower Rolex Datejust

Rolex Datejust watches

In September, the 34th US president Dwight D Eisenhower has had 一枚 Rolex Datejust upcoming Boston RR Auction auction debut, because of their special historical significance caused no small concern.
While Rolex Datejust produced in 1951, it was the first to get certified chronometer 150,000 Rolex watch as a gift has been given to President Eisenhower. While Eisenhower apparently liked table, two terms are often worn While this table, even wearing it on board “LIFE” magazine cover July 21, 1952 of.
Rolex Datejust at that time already very mature model (Ref.6305), 18K gold case, the table diameter 36mm, equipped with 79,667 movements. This one’s bottom cover engraved Eisenhower initials “DDE” Admiral flag and he was appointed time, “NATO’s top military commander” of “12-19-1950.”
Eisenhower died in 1969, While this table is presented to his private orderly John Moaney, the latter’s wife Delores also Eisenhower chef. John Moaney after the death of his wife While this table will be transferred to an American collector of historical relics Raleigh DeGeer Amyx, the auction is Amyx collection.
Official auction will begin at September 11, is expected transaction price has reached more than $ 1 million.